Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funny Story and New Craft

Hailey comes up with the goofiest stuff sometimes. Today on the way home from church she was (as most kids do) picking her nose. I told her that that was yucky and she should stop. She then turns and serious as can be just says "Silly Hands" like they were acting of thier own accord. Jed and I cracked up.
Also, I decided that since the girls and I are going to be traveling while Jed is gone this summer I needed an easy way to take along some of my favorite recipes so I didn't have to carry a bunch of cook books. This is how I solved that problem, just thought I would share. If you have any yummy, easy recipes please share and I will add them to my box. Have a great day!


Beth Benson said...

where are you going to be traveling to? just to go places with Jed? or other places?

Anonymous said...

I miss seeing you & Hailey. Are you guys going to come visit everyone here? I hope so. Jay & I wouls love to take you guys out for dinner, maybe to the zoo, or somewhere else. It's totally up to you. The kids would love to see Hailey & we'd love to meet Alyssa. I do have a really good Chicken Broccolli Casserole, but you gotta check out our blog to get it, cause it's on there.