Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fields of Corn

Well, we have arrived in Nebraska and have actually been here for a week now. Sorry it has taken me so long to post. Hailey hasn't been feeling well, but seems to be on the up swing, and there is definitely an adjustment going on with the girls living with family and not having their daddy around. I have heard from Jed three times so far. The first was a phone call the second day he was in Missouri just to let me know that he had arrived lasted all of four minutes. The next was a bit longer....7 minutes...he was able to tell me that they were pretty much done with the paper work phase and he got to talk to the girls for a few minutes. Finally, I got an email from him last Tuesday. Apparently the people in the ward there will email for the soldiers, which is really nice because I can also email him back and they will make sure he gets it. That has been great because I don't have an address for him yet so I can't send him any mail or pictures, but this will tide me over in the meantime. He shipped for basic Tuesday and I'm sure they are tearing down the civilians to turn them in to soldiers. We miss him dearly, but Jed and I both knew this was what he was supposed to do.
My aunt, her family, and my girls and I leave next Tuesday for Tennessee. We will be there almost a week, Hannah and Jeremiah (my cousins) are graduating, and then they will all head to Peru for a bit. Hailey, Alyssa, and I will head up to Ohio at that point and spend a few weeks with my friend Erica and anyone else we may want to go visit. Then I will head over to D.C. to meet Aunt Betsy at my other aunt's house and we will visit them for a few days. After that we will head back to Nebraska, via Ohio and a visit to my great-grandma (and one of the most amazing people EVER). When we get back to Nebraska, Aunt Betsy and I will be doing lots of painting and house up keep through the month of July. Then I will head over to Jed's graduation from Basic Training. He will then head to Texas for his training as a health care specialist, his MOS, and the girls and I will head to Arizona to stay with dad until Jed gets his first duty post assignment, at which point our family will be reunited.
There is the update of the plans through November. I will write and post pictures as we go. We love and miss you all!


Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Glad you made it okay! I'm happy you are with some family through most of this. Hope the time goes fast!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are staying with family & friends. I know it's going to be hrad, but it'll be worth it in the end. Tell Jed to stay positive through everything, write you as often as possible, & that we are thinking of him. We are thinking of you as well & miss you guys. When you come back here, PLEASE, let us know. We would love to do something with you & the girls. Have fun on your roadtrips.