Sunday, July 06, 2008

Home Again, Home Again....

Well, we are now back in Nebraska, and extremely glad to not be living out of a suitcase anymore. We had a blast though visiting friends and family and I am SO grateful for the opportunity to see people I hadn't seen in years! We managed to cram a lot into our visit, and there were still lots more things I would have liked to have done...Some of the highlights included Kings Island, the Newport Aquarium, and camping at Pike Lake. Here are a few of those pictures. Enjoy....
My best friend from High School, Erica and IAlyssa on the swing at the Forbes'
My friends Jason and Gini Forbes with their adoreable son Carter

These five are all from our adult day at Kings fun!

These are from our trip to Newport Aquarium, the kids LOVED the exhibits!

Then, these five are from camping at Pike Lake. We didn't really camp, we had a cabin, but it was so fun to spend time with my family and for the girls to get to spend some time with their cousins. So, that should bring everyone up to date. The other highlight of my trip was going down to the Montgomery Ward and seeing SO many people I grew up with. We went to my friend Jared and Dani's for dinner one night, unfortunately I forgot my camera. It was fun though and my girls absolutely loved their twins. Thanks you guys!
Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!


The Cowgills said...

I'm jealous that you got to go to KI! Someday I'll make it back there and take John too!

Marisa said...

Kings Island! Oh - I haven't been there in forever. I would love the ride the Beast again. Is it still there?