Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Baby Update

Today I had an ultrasound to try to get a better estimation of my due date. For those of you who didn't know when we got up here to Cedar City my OB said my uterus was measuring about 4 weeks ahead of my EDD. Anyway, he scheduled an ultrasound to check on the baby and see which due date was accurate. Sad to say my first was pretty close and I am due in early September rather than August like I had hoped. Oh well, I guess she just needs a little more time to cook.
Anyway, I had no idea that this ultrasound would be so cool. They did a fair amount of showing us the 3D images of the baby. We also got to see all four chambers of her heart and the tech put it into slow motion so we could see both valves working properly and everything. It was really neat. This is the picture they gave me from the 3D images. (Sorry it's not very clear I had to just take a picture of it because we don't have a scanner.) But, I just think it is adorable. Her right hand is tucked under her cheek almost like a pillow and her other hand kept opening and closing like she was trying to wave at us. I also love her cute little nose. I personally think it looks a lot like Hailey's, but that is just my opinion. I can't wait to hold this child in my arms I know she will be a precious addition to our family.

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