Sunday, June 03, 2007

Picture Attempt

I keep saying that I am going to put up pictures, of Hailey, of the house, of whatever may be in my camera at the moment. So, I am actually going to attempt that now. I can't find the USB chord that goes to my new camera (I'm sure it's still in a box somewhere), but I realized that our desktop has a slot for my SD card. Let's see if this works. If not it will just have to wait some more......Yay it worked. That is a picture of the front of our new home. This picture was taken when we were just up here looking at places to live. There is now a fenced in backyard, but don't get me started on the drama of that. There is also a gate to the side. We still need to do the landscaping, but it might just have to wait a little bit until we close on the house. Our realtor told us someone bought the other side, but no one has moved in yet so I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. I would love it if they had kids around Hailey's age, that would be fun. Our realtor actually lives next door and has a daughter that is a year older than Hailey. We all went to the park yesterday and Hailey had a lot of fun with Chloe. There is also a family down a few houses that has a little girl a few months older than Hailey that Hailey has played with a little bit. Hailey is getting really big and amuses us on a daily basis. Here is a fairly recent picture of her. This picture is Hailey at her most precious moments (aka asleep).

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