Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life Updates

So, there really aren't too many things going on in Cedar City. I'm supposed to pretty much be on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy because my contractions started a little over a month ago when I had the flu. Now, everytime I try to get up and do anything I start having contractions again. Therefore, I'm really not supposed to do much, but that is really hard with a (almost) 2 year old that is full of energy.
Hailey has made a couple friends up here. There is a set of twins in our ward that are about 6 months younger than her that she loves to play with. We pull up to their house and she starts yelling Mason and Maddison and telling me and Jed bye bye. It's pretty cute. There are also two doggies over there so I'm sure that helps her enjoy it even more. I really enjoy visiting with thier mom too, so we try to get together when we can. There are lots of really nice people on our street, though our immediate neighbors are a bit weird.
We are still trying to get a loan for our house. We actually got a letter today that said there aren't any funds available for our income category right now, but hopefully there will be soon.
Jed is working on, and almost finished with, the requirements for his personal training certification. We went to the gym the other day to take the pictures of the exercises he has to submit. He has to explain what muscles they work, then send everything in and then we should know within a month.
We will be taking a trip down to Arizona for Jed's friend's wedding in October and I'm pretty excited about that because we will get to show off the new baby. I'm really ready to just have her here and hold her. I almost feel like I will get more sleep once she's here because right now I'm so uncomfortable that I'm not sleeping at all, but that is okay. It will all be worth it at some point. =)
We love and miss you all and hope everyone is doing well.


Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Hey girl! I haven't forgotten about you. I've been busy traveling to Washington and preparing for another trip to Utah next month . . .but you are on my list to call! I just have been waiting to have at least a while to talk to you and catch up!

Tiffany said...

Hey Steffani! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog... its been way too long! I didn't know you guys had moved up to Utah. Sorry about the bedrest... you're right, we can commiserate! It is so, so hard when you have "older" (but not too old) kids! Try hard to stay down... I love ya tons and I'm glad we'll get to keep up better!