Thursday, April 09, 2009

Better News....

So I went in yesterday to attempt an ECV (external cephalic vertion) to flip Kimber. I got there about 9 in the morning and we spent a little while just monitoring the baby. She was obviously still head up by how high the monitors needed to be to pick up her heartbeat. Anyway, around 10 or so the nurse tried to start an IV in case anything went wrong and they had to do an emergency section. She tried twice before she gave up and had the anastesiologist come in to put in my IV. The doctor finally came in and we talked for a while about what he was going to do an all the possible side effects they have to tell you, blah blah blah. Anyway, he left again for a bit and then came back to do an ultrasound and see exactly where she was and the best way to try to flip her. Turns out sometime in all that laying and waiting she flipped herself and was head down when he did the ultrasound. Yay! He then stripped my membranes and I've been having contractions on and off since yesterday, but nothing quite enough to send me back in yet. If I haven't had her by next Wednesday they will induce me. I'm just grateful that for now we have avoided the c-section and I pray she stops acting like a gymnast for the time being!

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