Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well, Jed officially left yesterday for Iraq. We dropped him off at battalion headquarters around 11 in the morning for his weapons draw. Then, we went back to the gym at West Fort Hood where we were allowed close to four hours to spend hanging out with Jed and then to say our goodbyes.
Then, the girls and I came home and Alyssa slept for the rest of the almost 14 hours, she was apparently exhausted! Jed was able to text us for a while from the airport because they got stuck waiting for their plane which was stuck in Atlanta with engine trouble. They just put them on the next flight instead so they ended up leaving a little after 10 pm.
Jed called me from Minnesota around 3:30 this morning and they had a layover there, changed crew, refueled and then were headed to Amsterdam for one more stop before going the rest of the way to Kuwait. I haven't heard anymore from there, but wanted to update anyone who may be waiting to hear. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

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