Sunday, April 05, 2009


There really isn't much going on around here right now. I'm still pregnant, and Jed is still getting ready to deploy. He leaves the 28th. They set me for induction the 15th at my last appointment, though I'm still hoping to have this baby before then. Jed has been on leave for a little over a week now, so we have had fun having daddy home. The girls just adore him to no end! I put in our notice to move out at the end of the month, so we will have lots of packing to do as soon as possible. We are just going to do it a little at a time and then Jed's dad is going to come out and help me drive a small uhaul or big van or something back to Arizona so that I can take enough stuff for the whole year.
Alyssa and Hailey are little balls of energy and Hailey is forever talking about her next little sister. Every night in her prayers she says, "thank you for mommy, daddy, Alyssa, Kimber....and ME!" It is pretty cute. I love my girls and am looking forward to holding my next one, hopefully sooner rather than later! I hope everyone (all two of you that may read this) is having a good weekend. Love ya!

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Bekah said...

Good luck with the baby and the move! That's a lot going on in a short amount of time -- we don't know how you do it all!